The B2B customer experience


In a previous blog article “What do B2B  customers want”  Hopfield Marketing highlighted research which showed  that  B2B customers  wanted  the companies they were working with to be more customer focused.

A more recent study by Walker 2013-” Customers 2020 ,the future of B2B Customer experience”  provides further great insight into B2B customer expectations.

The B2 B customer will continue to expect more and B2 B businesses with vision will  plan  and   adapt.As part of their research they asked business owners ” How important are the following to your business strategy-today and in 2020?”

                                                                                    Today                              2020
  1. Experience (customer experience)             43                                      50
  2. Products                                                             37                                     34
  3. Price                                                                     20                                     16

This study shows that  good customer experience is increasingly  being seen as one of the key areas of business success,identified by business owners.

Hopfield Marketing  supports businesses to achieve their goal of retaining their customers and growing their business.We are a telemarketing company that focuses on customer retention- providing quality , experience and the right communication skills.

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