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Good customer service is a winner !

  Which magazine has published a new report examining   100 companies and customers’ experience of those companies. Customers were asked to rate companies based on staff’s knowledge, attitude and ability to deal with issues. “While many companies performed well, it’s disappointing that

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The B2B customer experience

  In a previous blog article “What do B2B  customers want”  Hopfield Marketing highlighted research which showed  that  B2B customers  wanted  the companies they were working with to be more customer focused. A more recent study by Walker 2013-” Customers

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Delivering more than a product or service

In the B2b relationship delivering a quality product/service  at a competitive price is undoubtedly of benefit to the B2B seller and the B2B consumer. However, businesses providing goods or services will miss out on further business opportunities with their customer(s) 

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Creating a lasting 1st impression in the B2b relationship

In our everyday lives we make judgements and form opinions about people based on what we see and hear; we assess how a person appears physically, as well as what our interaction with them was like. We may be completely

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Adapting your business to the needs of your business customers

In the business to business relationship being able to adapt to your customers’ needs means you will be at a distinct business advantage. Most consumers whether B2B or B2C value that personal touch and attention to detail, particularly in these

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