Committed To the Success Of Your Business

Hopfield Marketing provides a range of outbound telemarketing support services to small  businesses in London and the South East. Our aim is to provide you with a service that will help to strengthen and your relationship with your customers and give you the competitive edge you need.See the benefits of using our services

Integral to the services we provide small businesses is the real belief that we  are acting as extension as your business. We know that first impressions count, and we ensure that in providing you with outbound telemarketing support,every contact made is carried out by  individuals who are capable, good listeners, responsive and with excellent interpersonal skills.

Although  based in London we are able to work with small businesse across the UK

We work with  businesses including training organisations and colleges,recruitment,membership organisations ,charities

The services we provide include:

·         Welcome calls

·         After sales follow-up calls Service follow-up calls for new and existing clients

·         Informing clients about new services/marketing promotions

·         Manage invitations to events seminars and conferences

·         Membership/subscription renewal

·         Event registration and confirmation

·         Following up customers from trade shows, conferences seminars,         website downloads, and other sales and marketing activities

·         Appointment setting

·         Customer satisfaction survey

·         Asking lapsed clients about their views

·         Market research

·         Establishing up to date information about clients on a database (data


·         Mail shot follow-up

This list is not exhaustive.If there is a service you would like us to support you with please get in touch –we will be happy to help.