How telemarketing can be used by training organisations for employer engagement

Are you training company in London, looking to renew partnerships with employers, or perhaps reactivate an old contract?Is employer engagement an area you wish to develop?

Getting  employer engagement  and customer service right may be the one aspect of your business that makes you stand out from your competitors.

However you are:

  • Busy writing a new training programme
  • Writing a propsal for a new training promme
  • Delivering training
  • Supporting the learners
  • Ensuring everything is set for the day
  • preparing course material.

Generally running the organisation!

Hopfield marketing is a telemarketing business that focuses on customer retention.Why? Because we know that “customers are hard won and easily lost”. This is particularly important in your quest to engage and sustain relationships with employers.

We specialise in providing business to business (B2B) outbound telemarketing.  We work with you to to provide the customer focus you need in building and sustaining relationships with employers.Employer engagement has become increasingly important in helping to establish and build important relationships with businesses.

 Hopfield Marketing  provides you with the means by which you can maintain links with employers , resulting in real opportunities which will enable you to maximise your business opportunities .

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