Good customer service is a winner !


Which magazine has published a new report examining   100 companies and customers’ experience of those companies. Customers were asked to rate companies based on staff’s knowledge, attitude and ability to deal with issues.

“While many companies performed well, it’s disappointing that some of the biggest household names are still failing to meet consumers’ expectations of good customer service,” said a Which? spokesperson.

“Nearly nine in 10 people said they would leave a brand that treated them poorly so it’s clear there can be no room for complacency. Some companies will have to do far more than compete on brand awareness or price alone if they are to retain their customers in these times of financial squeeze”.    Oliver Smith Telegraph 19th September 2013

Are the companies who were not rated highly able to retain their customers? Some will, and some definitely won’t. One thing is clear however; the companies who have rated highly will benefit from the publicity, and no doubt get some new customers, as well as retaining their existing customers.

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