Effective donor retention strategies for charities

Having an effective donor retention strategy is a must for charities and it works!

How? Your donors will want to remain involved and find it hard to leave your charity because of the care and attention you have given them.

This will result in your charity having greater financial stability, as your existing donors are willing to donate their time, as well as supporting you financially.

                      The benefits for your charity include

  • Financial stability. It can cost 10 times more to acquire a new donor than keeping an existing one
  • Repeat donations
  • Reduction in donor attrition
  • Donors are more likely to remain loyal
  • Donors are more likely to remain with your charity long-term

Hopfield marketing supports charities with outbound telemarketing. Our specialist area is customer retention /donor retention, as we believe retaining customers is vital  for growth.

       We offer a 30% discount to charities with their  first invoice

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

Email:  info@hopfieldmarketing.co.uk



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