Donor retention-the way forward for charities

It is a sad truth that many charities have been struggling financially in the last few years as donations been on the decline.

Kate Hughes in the Independent 9th August 2013 reported on the current statistics.

Around 55 per cent of us – the equivalent of 28.4 million adults – donate to charitable causes in a typical month, according to figures from the UK Giving 2012 report produced by the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) and the (Charities Aid Foundation )

Each of those adults typically gave £10 a month in 2011-12, down from £11 in 2010-11 and £12 in 2009-10. It’s a grand total of £9.3bn but is down by £1.7bn in cash terms and £2.3bn in real terms (taking into account the effect of inflation) in a year. That makes it the smallest annual amount since the survey began in 2004.

She went on to add that” A large proportion of the public believes that charities, especially the largest ones, spend too much of our money on administration costs and overheads and not enough on the causes themselves. A survey by nfp Synergy earlier this year found that people believed that charities spend 36 per cent on administration. The actual figure is around 11 per cent. The gulf between perception and reality shows the PR battle that charities have to fight, but it is up to them to persuade us, the donating public, about the good work they are doing.”

How can charities alter these perceptions?

Being able to communicate effectively with donors vital as it helps the donor feel involved, valued, as well as giving donors a greater understanding of how your charity is run.

Every contact with a donor does not have to be triggered by a desire to raise funds. It is the relationship which is developed after the first donation which will help engage the donor and in turn encourage them to give. Moreover, they can become your greatest asset in terms of marketing your charity and letting other know exactly what you do.

Hopfield marketing offers a range of services precisely to help charities grow and remain a deserving cause in the eyes of their donors.

Retain your donors, grow your charity!

Our services include:

  • Thank you calls
  • Welcome calls
  • Keeping donors informed about how their money has been spent
  • Invitation to events


Contact us to discuss your requirements, we will be happy to help.








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