Delivering more than a product or service

In the B2b relationship delivering a quality product/service  at a competitive price is undoubtedly of benefit to the B2B seller and the B2B consumer. However, businesses providing goods or services will miss out on further business opportunities with their customer(s)  if additional customer care strategies are not implemented. Specifically this centres on customer engagement. Finding out what your customers’  ongoing   needs are and how  you can support them cannot  be underestimated.

This is put very succinctly by b Ed O’Boyle and Craig Kamins (March 27 2012) Gallup  Business Journal

“If your company wants to move beyond price wars, you need to rethink your mission and strategy. Being successful takes more than delivering a product or a service; it requires helping your customers succeed by improving their performance. The more your company can help your customers thrive, the stronger your partnership becomes. B2B companies that fail to understand how their products or services help their customers succeed lose two important competitive advantages: the steadfast advantage of customer engagement and the lucrative advantage of customer impact.”

“Without a process for regularly monitoring customer relationships, a company might not discover that it has a problem until a customer announces that it is reducing its contract size or taking its business elsewhere.”


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