Creating a lasting 1st impression in the B2b relationship

In our everyday lives we make judgements and form opinions about people based on what we see and hear; we assess how a person appears physically, as well as what our interaction with them was like.

We may be completely bowled over as a result of the first meeting and want to see more of that person -or want to “run a Mile”!

How many of us can recount an experience when in the process of purchasing an item we felt we were not treated with the respect we deserve? Another example we can all relate to is the “restaurant experience! “.How many of us have gone to a restaurant singing its praises, or at the other extreme making a vow not to go back again!

In the Business to Business environment this is no less the case and creating the right impression in business is important. Business customers value friendliness and good communication skills just like the rest of us.

Creating a lasting 1st impression goes beyond securing   the initial sale. Getting customers coming back requires putting in a sustained effort in maintaining quality customer service again and again. This speaks volumes about a business and leads to improved customer retention rates.

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