Our Work With  Small Charities

We understand that in the current econom Oic climate demand for your services are greater than ever, yet at the same time the funding you receive in order to deliver your services is becoming increasingly limited.

Whilst many marketing companies like to talk about how they can generate leads ,at Hopfield marketing we have a different approach and a more successful one for charities in the long term.

Firstly we are a marketing company that focuses on donor  retention .


We believe that small charities /non for profits can benefit greatly from adopting,as one its strategies a model which focuses on donor retention. Adopting effective donor retention strategies has repeatedly shown to reduce donor attrition.

We make calls on your behalf .Those who work for us have great interpersonal skills;being able to talk to and listen to your donors. The end result for your charity is that you have supporters who are informed, feel valued and want to continue to make a differencce

Additional Outsourced Support Services for Charities

  •  Do you find that as much as you try to organise your day and your “To Do” list, there are competing demands on your time?
  • Do you need to focus on growing your charity and less on the administrative tasks
  •  Do you have to multitask too often?

We can provide you with the administrative support you need, enabling you to focus on growing your charity. Our flexible service means we only provide support as and when required by you.


Undertaking mail-shots and similar publicity tasks
Liaising with relevant organisations
Event marketing
Organising meetings
Manage and assist member communication activities
Website update
Corporate /client liaison
Organising meetings
Database update

General administration duties

This list is not exhaustive.If there is a service you require which is not on the list, please let us know.

                We always charge special rates for charities

Please contact us to see how we may help