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How telemarketing can be used by training organisations for employer engagement

Are you training company in London, looking to renew partnerships with employers, or perhaps reactivate an old contract?Is employer engagement an area you wish to develop? Getting  employer engagement  and customer service right may be the one aspect of your

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Virtual Assistance for small businesses in East London who want to stay in touch with their customers

·         Are you the owner of a small business  and do you find that as much as you try to organise your day and your “to do” list, there  are competing demands on your time? Do you want to improve

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Free Advertising for Small Charities

At time when funding is squeezed, being able to market your charity  to new,existing and prospective supporters is vital for your sustainability . Having an online presence is increasingly becoming one of the best medium for charities in getting their

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Good customer service is a winner !

  Which magazine has published a new report examining   100 companies and customers’ experience of those companies. Customers were asked to rate companies based on staff’s knowledge, attitude and ability to deal with issues. “While many companies performed well, it’s disappointing that

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The B2B customer experience

  In a previous blog article “What do B2B  customers want”  Hopfield Marketing highlighted research which showed  that  B2B customers  wanted  the companies they were working with to be more customer focused. A more recent study by Walker 2013-” Customers

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Effective donor retention strategies for charities

Having an effective donor retention strategy is a must for charities and it works! How? Your donors will want to remain involved and find it hard to leave your charity because of the care and attention you have given them.

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Donor retention-the way forward for charities

It is a sad truth that many charities have been struggling financially in the last few years as donations been on the decline. Kate Hughes in the Independent 9th August 2013 reported on the current statistics. Around 55 per cent of

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What B2B customers want

Institute of customer service research( Customer priorities what customers want 2005) made the following observations about failings in  customer service encountered by B2B customers: Broken promises, such as failure to respond to telephone calls or emails; Delayed response times, for

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Delivering more than a product or service

In the B2b relationship delivering a quality product/service  at a competitive price is undoubtedly of benefit to the B2B seller and the B2B consumer. However, businesses providing goods or services will miss out on further business opportunities with their customer(s) 

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Creating a lasting 1st impression in the B2b relationship

In our everyday lives we make judgements and form opinions about people based on what we see and hear; we assess how a person appears physically, as well as what our interaction with them was like. We may be completely

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