Benefits Of Nurturing Your Customers


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To grow your business you need to stay ahead of your competitors;one of the best ways of achieving this is through looking after and valuing  your existing customers.Hopfield Marketing provides you with the platform to do this.

We are professional,friendly and effective and we care that every contact made represents your business  in a positive way.

Based in East London,near the Olympic stadium, we are able to offer our  services  to businessses throughout the UK

          Here are some of the benefits:

·         Customers are more likely to remain loyal

·         Customers will provide repeat business

·         Satisfied customers will recommend others

·         Satisfied customers are less likely to go to your competitors

·         Typically a business selling B2B products or services will derive 80% of its revenues from 20% of its customers. It is therefore crucial  for the continued success of many businesses that these valuable customers are “valued” and know this, in order to encourage repeat business.

·         A company that continuously makes improvements to satisfy its customers stays ahead of its rivals.

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