Adapting your business to the needs of your business customers

iStock_000020584052_ExtraSmallIn the business to business relationship being able to adapt to your customers’ needs means you will be at a distinct business advantage.

Most consumers whether B2B or B2C value that personal touch and attention to detail, particularly in these challenging financial times. It is therefore more important than ever for businesses to go that extra step to ensure customer satisfaction.

Accenture’s global consumer research conducted in 2010 highlighted that in recent years consumers have been demanding much more. The expectations regarding customer service among consumers globally were higher compared with just 12 months previously, and considerably higher than the previous five years. Indeed, for the first time since Accenture began its annual consumer research, customer service became the top reason (over price) why consumers chose a new provider.

For the B2B customer/client this should be no less true!

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